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Lidl is building affordable homes above its stores

The plan is to create a ready-made customer base, and get the local council on their side

Lidl wants to build affordable homes to go with its affordable food.

What it means: Apparently, supermarkets building houses is a thing. Tesco's been doing it since 2006, Sainsbury's is in on the game, Morrisons – all the big players.

Sometimes, they'll be providing homes for workers; other times it'll be about making sure the site of the shop is profitable by managing the land around it. Plus, putting homes above your shop is basically pre-preparing a customer base.

Lidl is already building a few hundred homes, but now they've outlined plans for 3,000 and a primary school. They want to open 50 stores a year around the country, and this plan should act as a sweetener to local councils to give them permission.

The UK chief exec says they're intent on keeping the prices affordable – he wants the type of person who shops at Lidl to live in the homes. "We're supporting the communities we're part of by providing 'added value' above and beyond affordable food', he said.

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