Liam Fox
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Liam Fox wants the UK to be an ‘exporting superpower’

The International Trade Secretary is keen for Britain to take over France and Italy in terms of how much it sells abroad

Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary, is the kid who, when you go round and ask everyone what their desired superpower would be, would have said "EXPORTING!!!"

What it means: In a speech launching his new business strategy, Liam Fox is expected to say today that he believes "the UK has the potential to be a 21st century exporting superpower".

The strategy aims to encourage British businesses to sell more goods abroad. 400,000 UK firms currently say they could export but don't. Fox's plan involves a website highlighting export opportunities, a tool to register any barriers to export people are facing, and mentorship schemes for businesses not yet operating abroad with successful exporters.

The aspiration is to take over France and Italy in terms of how much they export. Britain is currently fifth place on this front, and with Brexit coming up, everyone's pretty much in agreement it's vital to think about how Britain will relate to businesses abroad when it's out of the EU.

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