Labour wants the ‘single market’ and nothing else

UK politicians are debating lots of options: we're just not sure the EU will like any of them

Ladies and gents, it's been at least a week since we last talked about Brexit. This has gotta be a record. Time to break it.

What it means: Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has come out with a new position on Brexit: he wants access to the 'single market', but not via the EEA Norway model.

Say what, you say? Indeed. Let's de-jargon. The EEA is the European Economic Area. Membership of the EEA means agreeing to the so-called 'four freedoms' – goods, people, services, money.

That means if you're in the EEA, all those four things need to be 'free' to move within the area as much as they like. Oh, and you need to pay into the EU budget. This is the arrangement Norway has (hence 'Norway model').

Corbyn doesn't want that, and neither does Theresa May (though she doesn't want the single market either). For him, rumour has it he's worried EEA membership would make it hard to bring certain industries into government ownership ('nationalise' them, in other words) if he gets into power in the next few years.

He just wants 'single market' access: to be able to trade with other EU countries without any additional charges or 'tariffs'.

Sticking point: The EU has said the UK can't have single market access without EEA membership. MPs are having a 12 hour debate about all this next Tues, so let's hope that little spanner in the works comes up.

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