The Labour Party wants to ban fur

Their opponents say it's no different from meat or leather

The Labour Party says it would ban all fur imports into the UK if it came into power.

What it means: The UK's had a ban on fur farming since 2000, with the vast majority of people thinking the practice was immoral.

However, one little loophole in this policy is that the UK still imports fur that was farmed abroad. Labour wants to stop this – as do the 400,000 people who signed a petition dropped off at Downing Street this weekend.

Generally speaking, 'animal cruelty' is the reason people dislike fur – we've all seen those horrible videos of animals having their... anyway, you know what we're talking about.

But advocates of fur have said it's no different to wearing leather, or eating meat. They say consumers should be the ones to decide whether they want to buy fur or not – it shouldn't be up to the government to take it out of shops completely.

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