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Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Build It In Britain’ plan

The leader of the Labour Party wants to bring manufacturing back home – but some people are worried about the idea

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, gave a speech yesterday on what kind of policies they have for increasing wages and living standards.

What it means: The big idea is this: support the British economy by bringing jobs and production back to Britain.

Too much focus has been placed on the financial sector since the crash, Corbyn said, with not enough funding going into manufacturing. Britain now has the smallest manufacturing sector in the G7, a group of the world's strongest economies.

He also disagrees with public sector contracts from the NHS, Department of Defence, National Rail and others being awarded to companies outside the UK. At the same time, he wants full, tariff-free access to the EU, and thinks Theresa May should be renegotiating that deal.

Some people have reacted badly to the speech, saying he's sounding like Trump and will only end up increasing prices of the goods we buy, with no guarantee of a corresponding increase in wages. Others say there's nothing extraordinary about the plan: the Guardian, for example, says giving out public sector contracts locally what any other country would do.

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