Jaguar’s cutting 1,000 jobs

New government rules about pollution mean no one wants to buy diesel cars any more, so the car maker's suffering

No one wants to buy cars that run on Diesel any more, so Jaguar Land Rover (they make fancy carzz) are going to cut 1,000 jobs.

What it means: According to the company, a 'regulatory crackdown' has meant its cars are suddenly a whole lot less popular. The government has imposed tougher controls on diesel (called regulations) after it was discovered that diesel cars were contributing to dangerous levels of pollution in UK cities.

It's not a new idea – governments have been toying with imposing bigger taxes on diesel cars to discourage their use – and unfortunately for Jaguar Land Rover, it's working. 90 per cent of Jaguar Land Rover's UK sales are diesel, and the company's sales have dropped.

 is one of those things no one can agree on: should the government be able to make rules that affect businesses, in the interests of protecting us? Or should it keep its nose out, and let businesses do what they do best: make money (and employ people) – and if people choose not to buy their stuff anymore, so be it?

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