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Jaguar Land Rover is preparing to sprint if a ‘no deal Brexit’ happens

They're worried about the cost of imports, and not attracting the right staff

Jaguar Land Rover isn't on board with a 'no-deal' Brexit, and they're making plans to leave if that happens (just like Airbus and BMW).

What it means: It's no coincidence that Jaguar's come out with this now, and Theresa May's big meeting on the UK's position on Brexit is tomorrow.

Businesses are doing their best to influence an outcome to Brexit that's beneficial to their business models. It could make a huge difference to their profit margins: the chief executive claimed a bad deal (which for him, means one where the UK would start having to pay tariffs) would cost the company £1.2bn a year.

Jaguar employs 40,000 staff in the UK, with another 260,000 working in related industries that rely on their business. They also pay £2bn in tax. The business secretary said the government would do all they can to keep Britain attractive for businesses... but Boris Johnson is also rumoured to have said "f*** business" at a dinner last week, so...

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