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Italy’s heading towards a hung parliament

Anti-immigration, pro-protectionism parties are on the rise all over the shop.

No party emerged as a clear winner in Italy's elections last night, so it looks likely the government will be split.

What it means: Voters in Italy turned towards right-wing, anti-Europe parties in its elections last night, but they just couldn't decide which one. Votes were split between the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, the far-right League, and the ex-PM Berlusconi's party Forza Italia.

All three parties are anti-Europe, and all three are capitalising on resentment in Italy over , economic hardship – particularly in the South – and corruption.

The rise of these parties in Italy has been compared to the success of Donald Trump and Brexit in the UK – a move to the 'right' in politics, where parties that are tough on immigration, that promise jobs, and that capture some of the anger that populations around the world are feeling, get the cake.

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