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We summarized the summary of this week’s big economic report, because we just couldn’t read the whole thing

One of the biggest financial organizations, the IMF, got their crystal ball out this week to tell everyone what will happen to the global economy over the next few years. We tried to break it down

Twice a year the International Monetary Fund (IMF) release a huge report that says what they think is happening to the world’s economy. The problem is, it’s 200 pages long. It basically says that the world’s economy isn’t doing so great at the moment, but that it might get better. Maybe.

We honestly couldn't make it through the whole report, but we took a look at the summary and then summarized that for you. Warning: even this may induce headaches and tiredness. Do not operate heavy machinery after reading.

1. is gonna be slow this year, then get a tiny bit better

2.This is partly down to Brexit, which is still kinda freaking people out

3. It’s also because the US economy hasn’t been doing as well as people expected

4. And because countries are trading less with one another

5. Especially China, which is exporting less stuff abroad

6. The world’s also looking less stable on the political front

7. The growth situation we talked about has been like this since 2012

8. There’s still lots of uncertainty about the future

9. Because things like Brexit are showing just how fragile Europe is at the moment

10. The amount people produce while at work is also down, but no one really understands why

11. That said, growth is actually looking better in some parts of Asia, especially India

12. But it’s not looking so great in Africa, because things like crops and oil are down in price

13. Things may get better in 2017, but…

14. Only if things get better

15. So, yes that’s ‘things will get better if things get better’



16. But there’s still a big risk things won’t get better

17. Because people in the US and Europe can’t make up their minds whether things like economic migration are good or bad

18. So lots of countries seem to be deciding to look after themselves

19. Also, people are worried about their incomes remaining low and how secure their jobs are

20. This means people in rich countries are buying less stuff, which is also bad for the economy

21. And as growing countries shift from manufacturing to services, they're buying less physical stuff too

22. Then there's all the bigger global issues like conflict and drought, which pose serious risks of their own to the economy

23. There is some good news, like more jobs being created in the US

24. But generally everything’s a bit shit everywhere

25. So politicians need to pull their fingers out

26. They need to find ways to get more people into work, and make sure they earn decent wages

27. And invest more in , infrastructure and innovation

28. The ultimate aim being to create more demand for products and services, and so stimulate more growth

29. They also need to get better at managing their finances

30. We're all in this together

Oh, and for those of you who've got the stamina and really want to read the whole thing, here's the full report.

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