Donald Trump arrives in Hamburg
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Here’s what the world’s most powerful leaders will be talking about at their summit this week

The environment, migration, trade - oh, and they probably won't agree on any of it

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the 2017 G20 summit, where the leaders of the 20 richest countries all get together in one room and talk about politics and other stuff.

OK, maybe it’s not the moment you’ve all been waiting for. But it is the first G20 summit since Donald Trump became president of the US, so a lot of people are very excited (and/or nervous) about it.

It’s a room full of powerful people. The 20 countries represented make up 85 per cent of the world’s wealth (or – which is just a way of measuring wealth), and two thirds of the world’s population.

This year the summit’s being held in Hamburg, in Germany. Germany is currently the leader of the G20 (they all take turns, which is nice).

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has hinted that she wants to talk about three main things – the environment, migration and trade. They’re all things she has quite vocally disagreed with some guy named Donald Trump about, so it’s likely to get pretty fiery in there.

They disagree on climate change

Donald Trump recently pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement, the biggest ever deal on how to tackle climate change. Lots of world leaders are a bit pissed off, and they’re probably going to pull him up on it.

They disagree on migration

Angela Merkel’s hinted that she might challenge Trump on how he talks about migrants. She thinks migrants can help Germany’s economy, and took in more than any other global leader.

Donald Trump has openly attacked migration – he wants to take in as few as possible to the US, and has been trying to get a ban on migrants coming to the US from certain countries for as long as he’s been president.

And they disagree on trade

Trump wants to put ‘America First’: hire American companies, produce American goods. But that’s kind of at odds with what other countries want. They’re worried about what his policy means for the world economy.

Angela Merkel recently took issue with Trump’s view of the world – he talks a lot about the US having an advantage over other countries, she thinks the world should work together a bit more, rather than being in competition.

And the protestors outside disagree with them all, on pretty much everything


G20 protests
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Activists from around the world have joined local groups as they protest against what they think is a pretty immoral group of people, discussing pretty immoral things.

Protestors say that the world leaders meeting this week have failed to change what they see as the world’s big problems – things like climate change, inequality and war. One told reporters: "This summit is a waste of money that could be better spent on deploying more boats to stop migrants fleeing war and hunger from drowning in the Mediterranean."

The police have responded pretty strongly – 20,000 extra police have been brought in from around Germany to deal with protestors and the threat of terrorism.

We'll have to wait to see what the outcomes of the talks are – but ones thing's certain, it won't exactly be plain sailing.


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