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Google is in trouble with the EU again, this time over Android

They say Google is skewing competition and it's not good for the economy

The European Commission is expected to hand Google a pretty massive fine today.

What it means: The European Commission, who are responsible for making sure people follow EU laws, say Google is behaving in a way that goes against fair competition.

They're against 'monopolies', where just a single seller dominates a whole area of the economy. They think that's what Google is becoming.

One of their issues is that Google automatically sets itself as the search engine on Android phones. The combo of that plus the Play Store, Chrome, and pre-installed apps doesn't give customers a proper chance to choose which apps they want, and doesn't give competitors the space to win new subscribers.

The thing is, we're lazy creatures. If we're used to an app or interface, we'll probably stick with it. People already using Android probably wouldn't switch apps if more options were available – but new customers might.

Read the full story: CNBC

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