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The G7 almost went really well, until it didn’t

TL;DR: Trump said Trudeau stabbed him in the back, Trudeau denied it, we got nowhere

Leaders of seven of the world's most powerful economies met up this weekend, and it almost went really well.

What it means: We've been talking lots about this whole tariff story – Trump wanting to add taxes onto goods from the EU, Canada, and Mexico, in an attempt to protect American industry and stop spending money on other countries' products.

This meeting of the 'G7' (that's the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and Canada)was supposed to be a chance to iron out all the bad feeling that'd come out of those announcements. It almost was: the leaders came up with a plan for 'fair, free, mutually beneficial trade' that they nearly signed.

At the lat minute, Trump said he wouldn't sign it because Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada, had 'stabbed him in the back' with his threat of putting tariffs on American goods to get back at him for putting tariffs on Canadian ones. Trudeau says he'd always been open about that plan: tariffs are going to kick in from July 1, he said.

Trump also refused to sign an agreement to start implementing the Paris Climate Accord, a deal governments around the world came up with a few years ago to tackle climate change.

They did agree on pooling together $2.9bn for education for the world's poorest women and girls around the world, so that's one good thing to come out of it all.

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