Fix the economy

“I’m here to fix the economy… apparently it’s about to collapse…”

Does the economy really need fixing? Is it broken? People use all sorts of metaphors when they talk about economics, but does this help make it anymore understandable? We decided to find out

Our intrepid investigator Rayyah is back! After surviving the recent economic storms, this time she's out to fix the economy.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, George Osborne... they're all on about fixing the economy, so Rayyah thought she'd pick up her toolbox, put on her high-vis jacket, and head on down to Whitehall in London to sort things out for good.

The only problem was that no one knew were it was...

Credits to:

Rayyah McCaul (actor & producer)

Dea Gjinovci (camera operator)

Aliyah Norrish & Pau Riera (runners)

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