Margot Robbie sits in a bubble bath - a scene from The Big Short
Image: © Paramount Pictures

Understanding the financial crash isn’t hard. All you need is nudity, champagne, and a bubble bath, right?

It worked for The Big Short, so we gave it a go ourselves...

Plain speaking is one thing but, as The Big Short proved, nudity really gets the job done. Sadly Margot Robbie was busy, so we found someone else to give us a sexy breakdown of the 2008 financial crisis.

The Bathroom Casanova explains Collateralized Debt Obligations

"Hello. How nice to see you. Come over here while I tell you a story about Collateralized Debt Obligations..."

The Bathroom Casanova explains Credit Default Swaps

"Now here's the really sexy part. I can take out insurance on loans I haven't made. Loans that have nothing to do with me..."

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