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Even the Queen has to deal with the pay gap

Well, the actress who plays her at least

Claire Foy played Queen Elizabeth in Netflix's show about the life of the Queen, but got paid significantly less than her on-screen husband Matt Smith.

What it means:The show's producers have said it's because Matt Smith is more famous – he also played Dr Who, which presumably means he's more valuable to them. But the film and TV industry is on shaky ground when it comes to the pay gap: Each year the magazine Variety publishes a list of the highest paid actors. In 2017, Emma Stone was the best-paid actress, she earned $26m (£18m), Mark Wahlberg was the highest paid man with an estimated $68m in annual earnings.

This is just one of the more high profile examples of a  . In the UK, the average gender pay gap across the whole of society is 9.1 per cent, according to the Office of National Statistics. From April this year, all companies with over 250 employees will have to report the size of its pay gap. Pretty much every industry you can think of is grappling with the difference in pay between men and women, why it's happening, and how to solve it.

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