Adele in Concert

Even Adele’s got a side-hustle

As well as being one of the UK’s biggest selling artists, Adele also sells pompoms on Etsy

Adele’s tour is coming to an end on Sunday night, but she won’t be left without anything to do.

“I’ve got a new hobby,” she told a sell out crowd at Wembley. “I have a new hobby making pom poms. I’m quite good at it! I am such a natural – I made a real cat on purpose.”

Full disclosure: we’re not sure what ‘making a real cat on purpose’ actually means. But hey, if Adele made it – we’ll buy it. Which is good, because she said she’s planning to sell her creations on Etsy.

Just another millennial side-hustle



Ok, so Adele might not just be doing it for the extra cash – she’s one of the highest earning artists in the UK, ever.

For most 'side-hustlers' it’s a matter of financial stability – a little bit of extra income when you're dealing with the familiar millennial problems of lack of job security, income, or chances of buying a home.

Having a source of income outside of your day job – whether that’s teaching yoga, making flower crowns at festivals, or just selling your old clothes on eBay – is pretty much the norm for lots of young people. In fact, a HuffPo article called millennials the “side-hustle” generation (just add it to Generation X, Generation Rent, the Selfie Generation, the Snowflake Generation... we’re digressing).

But for lots of people, it’s also about having a creative outlet – if you’re stressed out, working long hours, or just looking for a way to chill, taking up pottery or something could help. It’s a bit like that coloring book trend – but with pompoms.

A 2014 study said that actually, doing something creative on the side could make people better at their actual jobs. It gives them a chance to recover from work, and could develop transferrable skills like problem solving. Not that Adele needs any help with her day job – most people think she’s pretty good already.

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