Asylum seekers
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The EU proposes member states receive €6,000 for each migrant taken in

Italy doesn't seem to happy with the idea - they say it costs a lot more

In an attempt to incentivise more countries to take in migrants, they've proposed giving member states €6,000 for every asylum seeker processed in their country. Italy's indicated they're not happy with this plan.

What it means: Italy receives the second largest amount of requests for asylum in the EU – 19.5%, compared to Germanys's 30.5% and France's 14%.

Seeing as its on the coast, a lot of people also arrive through Italy... which has caused substantial amounts of tension in Italian politics, to say the least.

Last month, EU countries agreed that member states should set up 'control centres' to process asylum seekers as fast as possible across the continent, and share the workload. The problem is, the scheme was voluntary, and no-one did it.

Now, they've said they'll give a €6,000 euro incentive (about £5,400) per asylum seeker taken in and processed. They'll also provide border and coastguard staff, the asylum support, and police officers. The state needs to provide medical staff but the EU will pay for it all, plus the €6k bonus.

It'll be discussed on Wednesday, but Italy's already saying it's not enough. They claim it costs €40,000  – €50,000 to process an asylum seeker, so this just won't cut it.

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