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EU citizens finally know how they can get ‘settled status’

It's pretty simple: Three questions, a selfie, and 65 quid

EU citizens living in the UK have finally got an answer on how the government's going to decide who gets to stay in the country post-Brexit.

What it means: Immigration regulations might be one of the toughest sticking points of Brexit negotiations – but EU citizens in the UK have been waiting to find out what the deal is for those who are already here.

People who have lived here for five years or more (that's around 3.8 million) are automatically eligible for 'settled status', meaning they can live, work, and access benefits here, as long as they've not got a criminal record.

Anyone arriving in the UK before December 2020 will get 'pre-settled status', which means they've got to stay for five continuous years to be eligible for settled status.

All you'll need to do is prove your ID, declare whether you've got a criminal record, pay 65 pounds (or £32.50 for kids), and take a selfie. The system should be opening up in autumn, and applications will take around 2 weeks to process.

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