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Economy Laughs with Toby Williams

When we’re struggling to get our heads around economic concepts here at Economy HQ, we turn to our resident expert Toby Williams, who has an answer for everything. Here he is with a comprehensive guide to inflation, zero hours contracts and the causes of the 2008 financial crisis


Economy Laughs: Inflation

Inflation. Everybody's heard of it, but if you had to explain exactly what it is, could you? As Toby points out, everything seems to be getting more expensive. What's going on? Toby doesn't really care - he just loves crisps.

A packet of KP Space Raiders
KP Space Raiders. Will probably still be 10p when aliens do finally invade the Earth (image: Wikimedia Commons)

Zero Hours Contracts

Economy Laughs: Zero Hours Contracts

Zero Hours Contracts have been in the news a lot lately. We thought it meant only being allowed to work when your employer has the hours to give you. Nope, we were wrong.

The 2008 Financial Crisis

Economy Laughs: The 2008 Financial Crisis

We've all heard about the 2008 financial crisis, right? It seems so long ago but don't worry if you've forgotten how it all went down. Toby is here to explain exactly what happened and why "The Mumford And Sons" will one day pay the price.

Interest rates

Economy Laughs: Interest Rates

Finally, the last word on interest rates...

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