A smiling woman sits between a meat based meal and a vegan meal

Economy Asks: Vegans vs Carnivores

We spoke to some vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores about their food choices and why they made them

Many of us get to make choices about what we eat. Together these can make a big difference to how the world's food economy works. So are food choices moral choices? Is it possible to believe in animal rights, and eat meat? And would a vegan eat a steak for a million pounds? Here's what we found out.

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    Minimum wage is a good thing to stop employers ripping people off (although this still happens) but the wage rise each year comes at a price… everything PRE minimum wage rise (April) council tax goes up, internet goes up, you pay more tax, phone bill rpi index rise kicks in, public transport goes up, food goes up… so you really don’t gain anything.