A Deliveroo driver holds his delivery box

Deliveroo and Uber Eats are sending us dirty food

Ew. More regulation on this, please?

Deliveroo and Uber Eats have been sending us food from restaurants with a zero out of five hygiene rating. Ew.

What it means: 23 restaurants on the two apps' platforms have a zero out of five hygiene rating, according to the UK Food Standards Agency – that's looking at things like food handling, how clean the facilitites are, and pest control. Pretty vital stuff.

Regulation says every restaurant has to be rated by the FSA, but they don't have to display their rating on the premises – though you can find them all on the FSA site. Deliveroo doesn't display them on the app – you can only see user ratings (which ironically are above 80 per cent for all the 0 out of 5 hygiene rated restaurants).

Deliveroo says in the 'tiny number of cases' where restaurants don't meet their standards, they 'support them to raise their standards' by giving them access to 'independent, expert advice'. Sounds great, but any chance you might wanna do that before you put them on your app?

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