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Cynthia Nixon launches her campaign with a promise about trains and rent 

She went to one of the city's most deprived areas to launch her campaign

SATC fans, remember when Miranda moved to Brooklyn? Cynthia Nixon (the actress who played her) has launched her campaign to become governor of the state of New York in, where else? Brooklyn.

What it means: A lot's changed since then. For a start, 'gentrification' has well and truly followed Miranda to Brooklyn, and cabs *do* go there now – Girls, the millennial answer to SATC, was almost entirely set in Brooklyn. And Cynthia Nixon AKA powerful, feminist lawyer Miranda has become one of many women inspired by recent events in US politics to launch a political career herself. The SATC references stop here, promise. If successful, Nixon will become the first female and first openly gay New York governor.

She chose the area of Brownsville, Brooklyn – one of the city's most deprived areas – to launch her campaign.

She said the city needed improvements to its subway network (economics-y term: infrastructure). Called on the current governor to step up spending on education, and said she would commit to bringing an end to racial and economic inequality in the state.

Nixon didn't give too much detail about how she would fix the city's transport system, but did say it needed a 'direct revenue stream' – we *presume* that means a special pot of money just for the subway. She also said she'd consider a congestion charge, and a 'millionaires tax'.

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