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Crossrail has been delayed till 2019

Now Britain can't even build its trains on time

Crossrail, London's new train line, was suppose to open this December. But it’s already nine months behind schedule.

What it means: Try squashing yourself onto a central London train at rush hour, and you'll get why people think the government isn't investing enough in our transport infrastructure. Luckily, the British government realised something needs to be done, and signed off on plans to build a new Crossrail line ... about 150 years ago. (No, we are not just being sarky. British governments have literally been talking about building this thing since 1880.)

They did finally start actual building it in 2009, but Crossrail is still not finished and the line won't open this year as planned. Which is totally cool because we're just fine spending large portions of our commute pressed up against a stranger's armpit. (Okay, that one was sarky).

Of course, Londoners are still getting 24x more infrastructure spending than the rest of the country. Perhaps they shouldn't be so cross about Crossrail after all...

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