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Corbyn wants to tax tech firms to fund investigative journalism

He also thinks the BBC should publish the social class of all its employees

Jeremy Corbyn is giving a speech today on how he'd reform the media sector.

What it means: Corbyn has often criticised both the British press, and the power of tech firms. His speech today will outline a few ideas for how to rebalance the industry.

He'd like to place two additional taxes on tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Netflix: one, to pay for organisations doing investigative, 'public interest journalism'; and a second, to top up the license fee paid to the BBC, run through an independent body with discounts of £150 for poorer families.

Investigative journalism outlets should receive charity status, he said. "Few tech giants and unaccountable billionaires control huge swathes of our public space and debate," he will say.

Finally, he'll propose publishing the social class of all BBC members, in an effort to raise awareness about diversity within the organisation.

Conservatives say tech giants will just pass on the tax to consumers through higher prices.

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