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Contactless payments are taking over cash as our number one shopping method

Even over 65s are making over half of their payments on contactless

Everyone from millennials to over 65s is ditching cash for contactless cards – and pretty soon it'll be our phones, watches, or device-we've-not-even-invented-but-will-soon-be-hooked-on instead.

What it means: A new report says that for the first time ever, we made more payments on card than cash in 2017.

25 to 34 year olds used contactless for 77 per cent of their payments, and even those aged 65 and over made over half of their payments the same way.

We're not yet becoming a 'cashless society' – cash is still the second most frequent form of payment. But there's definitely a trend in the works, including one for 'wearable tech' – we're seeing more and more people making payments on watches, phones, and other gadgets (which are going make it less likely than ever that you'd 'forget your wallet' at home).

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