“You can pay me in cruises”

Once upon a time, a little boy made a SnapChat account called @CarnivalCruise. Six years later, he got a free holiday

A kid in the US has been convinced to trade his SnapChat handle for a family cruise.

What it means: Do you ever come across stories and wonder how you'd explain it to an alien, or your grandma? This is one of them.

Darian Lipscomb, a 15-year-old from the US, went on a cruise with his family when he was nine. He wanted to share the experience with his friends, so he created the SnapChat handle @CarnivalCruise. Flash forward six years, when every big company in the world wants a piece of the snap action (snaption? Sure!) and Carnival Cruises tracked him down and offered to buy it off him.

Instead of cash, they offered him a free $5000 trip to Spain for him and his whole family in exchange for the handle.

Why are we telling you this? Well it kind of proves that lots of different things can hold value. This one kid from a small-ish town with a SnapChat account can mean *so* much to a huge company, when six years ago the chances are the company didn't even know what 'a Snap' was. And rather than just buy it off him, they're offering him a holiday in exchange.

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