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Brits want a second Brexit referendum… and would vote to Remain in the EU

A poll shows that 52 percent of people now want another vote, and support for Brexit has fallen to just 37 percent (the referendum result was 52% Leave).

What it means: The Mirror, a British tabloid, ran a survey with over 100,000 Brits about Brexit. The result? Most of them want another referendum.

When the UK originally voted to Leave the EU it did so without anyone really laying out what Brexit would actually look like. Now they have, and the options have come down to Theresa May’s Brexit deal (which both Remainers and Leavers have criticised as a shittier version of EU membership) and a no-deal Brexit (which most people think would cause absolute chaos). Some former Leavers say that’s not what they signed up for, and want a refund.

Clashing ideas about economics and democracy are at the centre of the row. Most Brits want their government to make them economically better off (whether financially, socially, or mentally). But they also want their government to be democratic and put into practice the whatever Brits vote for.

That puts the UK government, who after looking into all possible Brexit scenarios concluded that every single one of them would make the country poorer than if it had stayed in the EU, in a bit of sticky spot. Asking people to vote again seems like a good solution - but it’s going to make a lot of Brexit fans mad AF, as they’ll feel they’ve been swindled. That could cause lots of anger and even violence.

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