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A mum took her baby to an exam and it can teach us a lot about being a woman at work

Photos of Jahantaab Ahmadi went viral. She's since been offered a place at uni

Since these photos of a mother with her young baby at a university entrance exam went viral she's been offered a place at university in Kabul, to study economics.


What it means: For a lot of women around the world, child care and other    responsibilities mean it's impossible to get an education, go out to work, or have the same opportunities they otherwise might have.

Jahantaab Ahmadi was determined not to let motherhood get in the way of going to university, so she travelled seven hours to get to her exam, and breastfed her baby while she sat it.

She said she wanted to use her degree to help women in her hometown, who are "left behind". While women in the capital Kabul can go out and go to work, it's more difficult for people in rural communities, she said.

The pictures got international coverage – probably because it's something women can relate to, from Kabul to Camden Town – and a female politician in Afghanistan has offered to pay her fees.

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