Garden Bridge Boris Johnson
Artist's Impression of proposed garden bridge via Heatherwick Studios

Boris’s garden of errors

The ex-Mayor is giving evidence on the failed garden bridge today, but could his decision to invest £46m public money be seen as 'misconduct'?

Campaigners have called for an investigation into whether Boris Johnson's decision to plough £46m of public money into the abandoned Garden Bridge project counts as 'misconduct in public office'.

What it means: A few years ago a group of people – including Joanna Lumley – thought it would be a nice idea to build a bridge over London, that was also a garden. The idea was pretty popular for a while, and the ex-London Mayor, Boris Johnson, loved it. £46m of public money went into it, but the project was scrapped before they even started construction.

An inquiry has already found that the project was driven more by 'political considerations' than value for money. Johnson is giving evidence today, but a lawyer has said that if it's found that he pushed through public money 'recklessly' then he could be investigated for misconduct.

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