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We went along to Bloomberg to hear about Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for the British economy

The Economy team paid a cheeky visit to Bloomberg's HQ in London to check out what Labour Party leader had to say about the UK economy (and sample some of the free snacks)

Last week the leader of the UK's Labour party gave a speech in London to set out his vision for the future of the British economy. Naturally, we wanted to find out what he had to say, but couldn't resist taking a peek round the Bloomberg building in London while we were there. Here's what we found out.

1. First up, Bloomberg's HQ is pretty impressive

Bloomberg's HQ in London
The Bloomberg offices on Finsbury Sq in London. Does everyone there ride a moped to work??

Located in the City of London (the UK capital's financial district), the Finsbury Square office is one of Bloomberg's three UK offices - home to a total of 3,100 staff. They're shortly on the move however, as a new HQ is currently being built on a 3.2 acre site nearby.

Bloomberg's promotional video for their new HQ

2. Inside they've got some pretty cool stuff...

... like massive TVs on the floor...

Floor TV
Yes, you actually walk over these TVs

... a crazy atom sculpture suspended from the ceiling...

An atom sculpture suspended from the ceiling at the Bloomberg HQ in London

... an actual aquarium...

Fishy business...

... and free biscuits!

A plate of biscuits
With these biscuits you are really spoiling us...

3. In fact, they seem pretty keen on free snacks

A snack dispenser
Liquorice comfits, wasabi nuts and salted pretzels. The obvious combination.
Free snacks available at the Bloomberg HQ in London
Snack pods. Kind of like being on a spaceship.

They really do love their snacks at Bloomberg. There's free fruit and crisps and biscuits everywhere! Even Jeremy Corbyn praised the company's "free grazing" policy. And so do we!

4. Then it was time to check out what Jezzer had to say...

Jeremy Corbyn gives a speech at Bloomberg in London
"Our economy stands poised between two alternative futures… "

Jeremy Corbyn has been facing a challenge to his leadership, after only about a year in office. The Labour Party is having a pretty tough time at the moment because many of its MPs don't think Corbyn can win an election, while many of the party's members want him to remain in charge.

This event was part of his leadership campaign, the result of which is announced today. He was setting out what he thought the future of Britain's economy should be.

5. The press scrutiny was fairly intense...

Members of the press at the Jeremy Corbyn Press Conference

Corbyn certainly seems to attract a lot of attention from the press wherever he goes. He explained to the audience why he thought the current economic system wasn't working. He said "we [the UK] have an economy, and frankly, a set of institutions, that has let people down badly…". But what did he mean by this?

Well, he thinks that the free market system that's dominated Western economies for so long isn't doing its job of making us all prosperous. He believes too many people are being forced into low-quality, low pay jobs, while a small minority are getting very rich, and the gap between them is increasing.

"We’ve built an economy where the fast buck takes precedence over long term, patient investment that creates good quality jobs…"

6. Then the questions came...

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell face questions from the press

Not everyone agrees with this vision though. The opposite argument says that, okay so it may not be perfect, but that free trade and free markets have brought huge economic growth, and have increased the living standards or billions around the world.

But Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell (sitting beside him above) think it's no longer the right thing to do put business at the heart of everything. They think governments should do more to oversee how business works, and in doing so create the conditions for it to flourish.

"Successful economies need government to back them up. good business needs good government..."

7. Here's a clip of what he was saying

8. Then it was time to head out...

... but not before a cup of coffee...

A coffee machine

... and a quick nose around the restrooms (note the fancy handwash)...

Two bottle of Cowshed handwash

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