Great Barrier Reef

Australia is spending millions to save the Great Barrier Reef

500 million Australian dollars, to be exact

Australia is spending 500 million dollars to protect the Great Barrier Reef from any more damage from climate change.

What it means: Last year, we reported that the Great Barrier Reef was dying, and the Aus government was prioritising coal exploration rather than saving it. Things change. The Australian government has hooked up with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to provide financial support for its attempts to monitor and protect the reef. They'll improve water quality, control the reef's main predator, and expand the restoration of damaged reefs.

In April last year, aerial photos showed that rising sea temperatures had caused the reef to be 'bleached', it turns white, and can't absorb energy.

The decision to provide the biggest pot of money ever for reef preservation isn't just out of the good of the Australian government's hearts. The reef is worth an estimated $3.7 billion to the Australian economy through fishing and tourism each day. That 500 million doesn't seem so much in comparison.

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