Economy Asks, Oxford Street: Is shopping like a religion to you?

We asked Oxford Street shoppers if consumerism is like a religion

"I'm more excited to go shopping than go to that bad?"

Less and less young people are going to church. More and more people are spending their money on the high street. Are the two connected?

Think about it. Huge, shiny buildings. The social occasion of getting together with friends and family. The adoration for brands, models, designers. The feeling that the experience gives you of becoming a new and improved, You 2.0.

We turned to the experts: shoppers on Oxford Street, the busiest high street in London.

We asked them...

...whether shopping and consumption are like a religion to them:

...whether they think young people are replacing religion with shopping:

...and if they're feeling down, whether they'd go to church, or to the shops:

Edited & produced by Lola Bastard

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  • Shit Break

    Minimum wage is a good thing to stop employers ripping people off (although this still happens) but the wage rise each year comes at a price… everything PRE minimum wage rise (April) council tax goes up, internet goes up, you pay more tax, phone bill rpi index rise kicks in, public transport goes up, food goes up… so you really don’t gain anything.