18 pubs close down each day, and it’s the tax man’s fault

Pubs are facing a "triple threat" of taxes, and we need to save them, CAMRA says

A punishing tax system is forcing UK pubs to close at a rate of 18 a week, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) said today.

What it means: Pubs have to pay three types of The UK has one of the highest rates of 'beer duty' – a tax paid on any type of beer over 1.2% alcohol; then there's VAT – a tax paid when you buy stuff; and finally something called business rates – paid on the value of a property you run a business from. CAMRA says a third of the cost of a pint you might buy in a pub is just to cover the taxes.

Business rates are increasing for a lot of people: it's one of the reasons lots of restaurants are closing down, and lots of high street stores are in trouble.

According to the government, the alcohol industry makes an "important economic and cultural contribution to the UK". In other words, we spend a lot of money in pubs, so we should probably try and keep them open. CAMRA's calling for the taxes to be lowered to reduce the 'burden' on businesses.

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