The idea of the Learn section is to create a space where anyone and everyone can help shape our understanding of how we experience the economy around us. We want to demystify economic language, transforming it from a barrier to a bridge to help everyone engage with the conversation on what the economy should look like, and how it affects our day to day.

How was Learn created so far?

When we asked people why they didn’t feel like they ever really talked about the economy most said it was because they felt it had nothing to do with them.

To turn that feeling on its head, we created this resource in a framework that goes from ‘You’, through ‘Your Home’, ‘Your Livelihood’, ‘Your Workplace’, ‘Your Money’, ‘Your Society’, ‘Your Government’, ‘Your World’,  ‘Your Future’, and ‘Your Economics’.

We chose the titles, formulated a couple of questions, and the rest was put it out to the Rethinking Economics network, economists, supportive organisations, family, friends, and anyone else who was interested in helping shape the first collaboratively written attempt to reinvent what the word 'economy' means to people. Their research, writing, and comments, edited together by our team, is what you see in the Learn section so far.

Who wrote what?

A group of students from Rethinking Economics kicked it off with the content we’ve got so far, edited by the Economy team and overseen by a group of academics. Some sections haven’t been written yet, others have – but all of it is up for discussion, debate, and constant review to make sure that we’re creating a resource that’s engaging, accessible, and representative of the huge diversity of ways in which we experience the economy.

What's next?

We've got big ideas for how to improve Learn. We want all of Learn to become visual, adding graphs, images, illustrations, and tables to make the content stand out. We want to pull together the ideas, opinion, and energy of as many people as possible to put together the Your Economics section with their ideas of what this discipline could become.

How you can be part of it:

Get in touch at to let us know what you’d change in this resource to make it better.

  • Are we missing something that you think is essential to contain?
  • Is there a term we haven’t explained and you’re curious about?
  • Does a section need clarifying, rewriting, reorganising, taking out, putting in?
  • Is there some wording you think could be phrased better?
  • Do you feel that the content is biased towards a particular view?
  • Is your organization keen on working with us to take Learn to its next level?

Our editorial team will get back to you as soon as we can to let you know that your ideas have been received.